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you are bigger than this MOMENT




hey there -- sunshine!

I know it seems to have been awhile, but I think that we can all agree the past two weeks have been full of many challenges, unknowns, and fears. All of which are continuing to settle in each day.

As you know, this platform is what I like to use as my outlet -- whether it be fashion or faith.

That's why I wanted to pop in here today

-- I want to talk to you --

-- I want to pray for you --

I want to let you know that you are not alone


I have mentioned in the past that every day, I set aside some time to spend with God -- whether it be reading my devotional, writing in my journal, or listening to my worship music.

Tonight I sat there and opened my devotional to the date -- as I began reading a warmth filled within me. Now, you may be wondering why -- I want to share a few words from my March 18th passage with you.

-- trust me one day at a time --

this keeps you close to ME

-- trust is not a natural response --

but I will equip you to get through this day

-- trust me one day at a time --

At this very moment, each of us are filled with so much uncertainty. We are uncomfortable with this abrupt change that has been brought upon us, but I challenge you to take a step back.


I challenge you to take a deep breath and realize what this very moment holds. We have no control of what is happening, but we do have control of the way we react to what is happening.

In this very moment we have been presented with a wait -- this is where our decision takes place -- our decision to enjoy the wait -- to choose to be happy while God is in this process of changing things.

We can't change the situation that we have been presented with -- therefore, we should take this time to

-- relax --

-- reconnect --

-- love --

After all, we know that here in time God is going to bring his plan to us and pass this challenge we have been confronted with. In order for this to happen though we need to show how strong we are

-- how strong we trust --

-- how much hope we hold --

Quote from

Did you know that the word TRUST is mentioned 147 times in the bible?

Did you know that DO NOT FEAR is mentioned 365 times in the bible?

It is times like these -- where we are being tested to our greatest ability -- times like these when we need to take a step back and realize how lucky each of us are.

How lucky we are to have family, friends, shelter, and most of all a relationship with God. Throughout these next few weeks, hug your loved ones a little tighter, tell people you love them, reconnect with God, and say your prayers!


Tonight -- I pray for the safety and love of each of you!

Don't forget to say your prayers & wake up each day with a grateful heart.



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